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What is a PARSER formula in a spreadsheet?

Parser formulas and functions analyze and manipulate text or data structures. They enable you to extract specific information from text, split strings, concatenate text, replace characters or substrings, and perform other text-related manipulations.

PARSER formula usage examples.

The CONVERT function is used to convert a numeric value from one unit of measure to another. It takes three arguments: the value to be converted, the starting unit, and the target unit. The function supports a wide range of unit conversions, including temperature, length, weight, time, and more. The result of the conversion is returned as a numeric value.

The TO_DATE function is used to convert a provided number to a date. It takes a numeric value as input and returns the corresponding date value. This function is particularly useful when working with data that is stored as numbers but needs to be displayed or manipulated as dates.


The TO_DOLLARS function converts a provided number to a dollar value. It formats the number with a dollar sign and two decimal places.


The TO_PERCENT function is used to convert a provided number to a percentage. It takes a single argument, 'value', which is the number to be converted. The function returns the value as a percentage, represented by a decimal number multiplied by 100 and followed by the '%' symbol.


The TO_PURE_NUMBER function is used to convert a provided date/time, percentage, currency, or other formatted numeric value to a pure number without any formatting. It removes any formatting characters or symbols and returns the numeric value as is.

The TO_TEXT function is used to convert a provided value to a text value. It can be used to convert numeric values, dates, or boolean values to text. The function takes one argument, which is the value to be converted. The resulting text value will have the same format as the original value.