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What is a FilTER formula in a spreadsheet?

Filter formulas and functions enable you to extract specific data from a dataset based on predefined criteria. They allow you to apply filters to a range or dataset and retrieve only the rows or columns that meet the specified conditions.

FilTER formula usage examples.

The FILTER function is used to return a filtered version of a range, including only the rows or columns that meet the specified conditions. It takes a range as the first argument, followed by one or more conditions. The conditions can be logical expressions, comparison operators, or other functions that evaluate to TRUE or FALSE. The function returns an array of values that satisfy the conditions, preserving the original structure of the range.

The SORT function is used to sort the rows of a given array or range by the values in one or more columns. It takes the range to be sorted, the column index of the sort column, and a boolean value indicating whether the sort order is ascending or descending. Additional sort columns and sort orders can be specified as optional arguments.

The SORTN function is used to sort a range of data and return the first n items based on the specified sort criteria. It allows you to sort data in ascending or descending order and handle ties in different ways.

The UNIQUE function is used to return unique values from a range or dataset. It removes any duplicate values and returns only the unique values. The function preserves the order of the values as they first appear in the range or dataset.